Hey everyone! 

I want to show you how quick and easy it is to add moisture  to your toddlers hair.

Carlee is always busy and getting her hair washed is just not one of her favorite things. However, with the help of a Popsicle, I was able to mosturize and co-wash Carlee’s hair.

Check out these quick and easy steps I use and hopefully, they will be helpful to you also!

Step 1: 

Hair sitting with CO (coconut oil) 

Apply enough coconut oil to saturate the hair. When finished, pull saturated hair together (as shown in the picture) or for shorter hair, massage throughout hair and let sit for about 5 minutes.

Step 2:

Left: After CO is rinsed. Right: Hair sitting with conditioner

Rinse the coconut oil out of the hair and apply a liberal amount of conditioner to the hair.  I let the conditioner sit for a few minutes (or until Carlee gets antsy) and then we rinse. I may repeat if necessary and if time permits.  Make sure to use your fingers to detangle and gently massage your toddlers scalp. Can you imagine how relaxing that feels?

After has been completely rinsed and separated


Step 3:

Section off hair and braid

Use a wide tooth comb or denman brush and Shae butter to separate the hair. For girls with short hair, let the hair air dry.  For girls with longer hair, section the hair and braid it.

And Wa-lah! There you have it.  A quick routine to give your toddler girls’ hair the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

For more information about the products I use, check out this blog:Fav. Toddler Hair Products

Share your hair stories with us by commenting below!

Thanks and see you soon 🙂






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