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Last month, we traveled to Children’s Hospital where Carlee was scheduled to have an Adenoidectomy because her adenoids were swollen and she:

  • had a very stuffy nose & only breathed through her mouth (her allergies made this even worse)
  • snored, did not rest well, & took breathing pauses throughout the night
  • had a dry mouth and occasional bad breath

After frequent trips to the doctor where we would leave with allergy medicine, I researched Carlee’s symptoms and made an appointment with her doctor to discuss her symptoms.  My immediate concern was her inability to breathe  during the night and how uncomfortable and irritable she was.

On the day Carlee had her appointment, she was suffering from her usual nasal congestion due to allergies.  When the doctor listened to her lungs, she discovered Carlee had developed a wheeze.  She prescribed Carlee a nebulizer, scheduled an appointment for a sleep study at Children’s Hospital and we scheduled a follow-up visit to listen to her lungs after a week of breathing treatments.

One week later and Carlee’s wheeze is gone but nothing else had changed so the doctor scheduled her a consultation appointment with an ENT at Children’s Hospital.


The ENT doctor at Children’s asked us some questions about Carlee’s symptoms and got some family background.  Then we went downstairs for an X-Ray of Carlee’s adenoids and tonsils.  The X-Ray revealed just what we expected: her adenoids were so swollen, it was preventing her from breathing!

After the surgical procedure, the doctor explained to us that Carlee’s nasal passages were completely blocked by her adenoids! I immediately felt sad for my baby girl. I cannot imagine how irritable and difficult that was for her. I’m glad we got those nasty adenoids out!

It is now two weeks post-op and we are slowly making progressCarlee experienced a fever for the first 4 four days, she had a significant amount of nasal drainage, and she still had trouble sleeping through the night for the first week.  I am told that this will continue to get better after the swelling has decreased causing her to become better able to breathe. She is doing much better & we are hoping for continual improvements.
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Has your child had an adenoidectomy or do you think you should have your child seen by a medical professional? Share your experiences below; we want to know! I wished I had someone to talk to through my expereince. Chat with other moms!

Resource: Kids Health






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